The Lightstone by David Zindell


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The Lightstone
David Zindell
Book One of the Ea Cycle
Part One: The Ninth Kingdom

Paperback, 672 pages, published 2002 by Voyager, in good condition

On the island continent of Ea it is a dark time of chaos and war. Once again Morjin, the fallen angel, is seeking the Lightstone. Already his assassins haunt the forests of Mesh, intent upon the death of the seventh son of its King. He is Valashu Elahad, the champion prophesied to find the Lightstone and vanquish Morjin.
What dangerous pride they both display, the fallen angel and the seventh son, to think the power of the Lightstone can belong to any one man. But Morjin’s ruthlessness may yet succeed, and with the Lightstone he will free the Lord of Lies, who has been imprisoned for a million years.