Tower of the Kings Daughter by Chaz Brenchley


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Tower of the King’s Daughter
Chaz Brenchley
The first book of outremer

Small paperback, 600 pages, published 2002 by Orbit, in good condition

The kingdom of Outremer was born of blood and pain and passion; forty years on, enemies still threaten its peace.
the Society of Ransom is the Kingdom’s conscience, and its sword-arm too. In the Ransomers’ remote border stronghold of Roq de Rancon, its walls echoing with ancient magic and forgotten secrets, a tale of love, duty and betrayal will unfold: for Marron, a young man newly sworn to the brotherhood; for Julianne, daughter of the King’s Shadow, en route to her wedding in Elessi; and for Elisande, her mysterious companion.