Heresy by Anselm Audley


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Anselm Audley
Book One of The Aquasilver Trilogy

Paperback, 503 pages, published 2002 by Earthlight, good condition, but foxing on borders.

On the storm-wracked waterworld of Aquasilver, supreme religious power is held by the Domain, dedicated to the element Fire. But this must change…
One of the agents of change – albeit unwillingly – is Cathan, son of a count, who travels to inform his father of the discovery of a cache of iron in their territory, but stumbles upon a plot to unleash a new age of religious fanaticism. Cathan and his friendsĀ  – and sometimes allies – the young women Ravenna and Palamtine, put aside their differences to fight the fanatics. All across the world, change is being battled and ruthlessly suppressed by the Domain and its holy warriors, the Sacri. A weapon must be forged to defeat them, and Cathan discovers at first hand how long and difficult that struggle will be.